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SMEs Privileged Webcast Platform


As your best business partner, LeOnlive devotes to provide flexible marketing solutions & excellent services to our SME customers. We would like to outshine your competitors and open up your commercial opportunity by LeOn-Live.

Expand Your Reach in Real-Time Across Geographies


AWS and Alicloud, the first cloud service, provide and use either one of servers by LeOn-Live. Delivering smooth and reliable streams to any connected devices.

An Assistant Brand Builder


‘Your Brand First’, to customize and build up the background, logo, any detailed information even the URL on your own streaming website and cover page, all settings are controlled by the dashboard on LeOn-Live.

Intergrate Into Virtual Event


Set up remote access for your events and workshops with just a few clicks. Assembling all attendees can join and participate from anywhere in the world, given he or she has access to the web.

What Makes Us Different ?

LeOn-Live, Lead Your Better Live


Inserting any details to be on band, from fonts and colours on the landing page can represent and show the positive first impression for your brand image with an outstanding landing page of your live stream.


RSVP is available on LeOnLive. It assists attendees check-in, manages the pre-lives and post-event and email tools that support to build community with the press of a button. 

Email Marketing 

Email marketing solutions by LeOn-Live include custom email creators and professional email templates. To send a personalized email about your communication, newsletter even the event invitation that can edit and send just use your fingertips.

Autonomous Platform

LeOn-Live is linked up via an independent server. Apart from your selected audiences and admin, nobody can watch, download or delete your video webcast. Your video must save in a high-security place for your reference someday.

CRM System

CRM system is significant for retail & service. After using the RSVP, the CRM system in LeOnLive satisfies your needs with high accessibility. After the end of the webcast by LeOnlive, you may download an Excel file to analyze and collect the member data. 

Audience Engagement Tools

Audience engagement tools in LeOn-Live is a communication bridge between speakers and audiences. It leads to indirect communication into the video conference or virtual event.

Functions of LeOn-Live

Make Fun on LeOn-Live

One-Stop Webcast Service

Everything is ready, Except one thing is…

Prioritize The Audio Feed


To ensure a consistent volume level for your live stream is to use a compressor

All-In One Video Mixer


Our professional video mixer includes scaling inputs to make it easier to integrate standard-definition sources

Unique Event Venues For Rent‎al


Live Studio is available for live streaming or video shooting. You may exhibit your creativity here

Lead Your Better LIVE

Live streaming your business anytime from anywhere by LeOn-Live. Simply use the right form. We’ll get back to you quickly.

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